Ford SVT Contour Registry

The Catalog Of Information on SVT Contours


Build Date Build Number Color Combo Vin Number Retired
04/??/1997 B/MNB 1FALP68G4WK120030 Yes
B/MNB 1FALP68G1WK127355 Yes
SF/MNB 1FALP68G1WK134659 Yes
1FALP68G4WK137720 Yes
TR/MNB 1FALP68G8WK137929 Yes
1FALP68G8WK138062 Yes
B/MNB 1FALP68G1WK146293
B/MNB 1FAFP68GWK152185 Yes
1FALP68G7WK152406 Yes
B/MNB 1FALP68G6WK152929 Yes
B/MNB 1FALP68G1WK152952
1FALP68G8WK153385 Yes
TR/ 1FALP68GXWK166056 Yes
B/MNB 1FAFP68G8WK181068
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G8WK181555 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G4WK181567 Yes
TR/MNB 1FALP68G0WK181632 Yes
Blk/Mnb 1FAFP68G5WK181965
TR/MNB 1FAFP68G9WK182052 Yes
08/??/1997 B/MNB 1FAFP68G3WK185643 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G3WK201064 Yes
1FAFP68G4WK225499 Yes
1FAFP68G5WK226032 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G0WK246138 Yes
B/MNB 1FALP68GXWK246308 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G3WK272734 Yes
B/MNB 1FAFP68G0WK272769 Yes
05/??/1998 SF/MNB 1FAFP68G7WK281369
SF/MNB 1FAFP68GOWK285831 Yes
B/MNB 1FAFP68G4WK296122 Yes
1FAFP68G6WK302454 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G7XK107464 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G4XK124187
TR/TAN 1FALP68G7XK127746 Yes
01/??/1999 B/ 1FAFP68G7XK153702 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G8XK154552 Yes
B/TAN 1FAFP68G1XK177896
TG/ 1FAFP68G0XK194916 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G4XK216299 Yes
TR/ 1FAFP68G9XK223121 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G4XK231983 Yes
B/ 1FAFP68GXYK100090
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G7YK103822
B/TAN 1FAFP68G5YK106301
10/??/1999 1FAFP68G0YK114192 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G0YK114340 Yes
B/MNB 1FAFP68G5YK125009 Yes
SF/MNB 1FAFP68G2YK125145
B/MNB IFAFP68G5YK126077 Yes
TR/TAN 1FAFP68G5YK130713 Yes
B/MNB 1FAFP68G4YK131058
B/TAN 1FAFP68G2YK137408

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